Slide On Campers or Tray On Campers for Single Cab, Space Cab & Dual Cab Vehicles With the Size and Expandability of a Camper Trailer

Impact Tray Campers


With an Impact Tray Camper you can have spacious, expandable,  light weight accommodation and the freedom to tow whatever you want.  Impact Slide On Campers are available for Single Cab,  Dual Cab, Space Cab and Crew Cab Chassis vehicles or can be mounted on top of your existing trailer. Designed and locally built, your removable camper can be fitted to a standard light commercial or a four wheel drive vehicle of your choice and include the facilities and  options of a camper you would usually have to tow.  With two series of  Campers available,  choose the model for your requirements.

Providing  full access to all four sides of the large storage areas, swing or slide out kitchens, you can take all the gear to make the most of your escape. Get to the camp site, leave the camper behind, and you’re free to  explore and enjoy the destination.

Add an extra Annex or another Awning, put an extra bedroom off the main tent for the family or self standing shower and toilet module.  You’ll have the comfort and versatility that only an Impact Tray Camper can  provide.

Impact Tray Campers offer a unique product range that change the way slide on campers have been designed in the past. Traditionally Slide on Campers have been small, cramped and heavy to transport. Usually built to accommodate only two people, they have been designed for touring, overnight stops and impractical for long term stays and for families. Others are based on the common tradesman tool box bodies with a small roof top tent attached to the top and ladder access. Impact Tray Campers have taken the versatility of the traditional soft floor camper trailer and merged it with the advantages of on vehicle transport. Large, comfortable, expandable and versatile, an Impact Slide on Camper can be taken wherever your willing to drive vehicle and still be comfortable in bad weather for two or all the family.

Whether you need a Single Cab Tray Camper or a Dual Cab Slide On Camper, Impact offer models that will meet you’re your requirements and will introduce you to the convenience of Tray Camper accommodation. Travel simply , tow your boat,  bikes, horse float or your own box trailer, these slide on campers offer unique opportunity to make the best of your leisure and travel opportunities.




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‘ I can use my every day Work Vehicle with an Impact Slide On Camper and tow my Fishing Boat behind’

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 TrayMaX  60 Dual Cab


Inc.  Kitchen Clear End Wall

Annex Flooring

Services Pack

Floor Vent

Shed Caster Wheel Set

Discount Price $19,500

Save $3530

 TrayBack  60 Dual Cab

Deluxe Pack

Inc.  Fully Integrated Kitchen

SMEV 3 Burner Stove & Sink

30 Litre Waeco Drawer Fridge


Discount Price $15,680

Save $2200

Dual Cab Stock Sale